Saturday, 10 August 2013

"Happy" Holidaysss

So finally, I am gathering myself up a day after Eid. The day was a mixed bag of emotions for me. My mind swung around like pendulum from end to the other of the gamut of emotions.
It was one of those days when you wake up and you feel totally lost, as to you have absolutely no idea where the hell your life is heading to. You loathe every bit of yourself, physically and mentally. You have the feeling where you just want to curl up and die in your bed, wondering why you had to wake up in the first place. With crappy thoughts running through your head, or maybe it’s the head that is messing around you. Cold, surly and snappy that’s how I began my day. Dragged myself out of bed and washed and got dressed. Felt a little better. After the Eid prayers I felt much better. Happy and stuff. But as they say every good thing has to come to an end. Ditto for my happy happy state of mind.  The bubble of my cheerfulness burst when I went to visit a few relatives early in the day with wifey dearest and darling daughter early in the day. I had spent hours trying to wiggle out of my way in doing that, but then I don’t know what got into my head and thus I went along. And thus began my painful arduous one and half hours till lunch. Sample some of these, “so what are you doing these days?”, “have you finished your studies?”, “when are you setting up your own practice?”, “so you are at home all day long?” “If you are back at home, why don’t we see you often?” and it goes on and on. Can you imagine my wretched state dodging all such questions? This reminded me of that very famous bullet dodging scene from the movie #the matrix. God help me please.

That brings us to the lunch time. Had skipped breakfast in morning so I was pretty hungry by noon. Now let me tell you one thing, my mum is an excellent excellent excellent cook!!!! And she had cooked chicken biryani. I had to exert tremendous amounts of self control to not to indulge in gluttony and ended up having only one serving of biryani washed down with a glass of ice cream falooda (yeah, yeah, the calories, I know!!!). Still I felt pretty smug with myself for having shown such restraint. Alas, it was short-lived. After a short nap, I woke up, started feeling restless due the blues and stress acting synergistically, headed straight for the kitchen and had a plateful of biryani and scoffed two kebabs along with it. So much for the will power.
In evening went out to the local zoo but it started pouring so we headed home all drenched ( none of the smart alecs, us being that, packed even a single umbrella in the picnic basket!).  Getting drenched at the park is altogether a different story, for another time. All of those living in the monsoon regions would agree with me, the best things to have when you are cold and wet from rains are the hot piping ginger tea and hot pakoras. Well pakoras would take time to make, so we ended up frying mutton samosas and chicken spring rolls lying around in the freezer. Boy it was fun sitting in the dining room facing the front yard with the entire family watching the rain pouring down on trees outside, and the hot tea and snacks spreading warmth inside you. It warms up your heart too…..I stuffed my gut without any guilt or fear. Come on its festival time!!! Let’s not be judgmental….
You might think this might be the end, but no it isn't. Everyone in the family was full after the evening snacks except for yours truly. No, I had to have my dinner. And for dinner I again had leftover biryani (one might groan it is all rice and pretty heavy on spices, but I must tell you, it was lip smacking good). Two big servings, I just can’t draw a limit, can I? So after dinner wifey and I went for the movie #Chennai Express. Hadn't booked the tickets but managed to get the last two seats bang in the centre. No, I am not going to write review for the movie. But through the movie I had one large cheese popcorn and half of large caramel popcorn and one and half large glass of cola. Shocking, revolting, disgusting. Yeah. I am pretty ashamed of myself. Bingeing on delicious home food during festival is different that scoffing down junk food. But I blame the movie. It wasn't gripping enough for me to ignore my rumbling stomach and mumbling head. Thus it was eating, loathing and a wee bit of fun whole day. And obviously I didn't go to gym even though it was cardio day. Who the hell goes to gym on the day of festival? I am not a gym junkie.  
So that’s how I spent my Eid.

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